HackCraft Reader

The Programming and Startup News App for Learning Professionals

Finally, you can treat your news feed like your Inbox.

Stay current and informed while constructing a library of reference material to use to hack your craft.

Tag, pin, note and snooze articles and comments to enrich your continuous learning.

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App Screenshots

Open theCraft Menu on Articles and Comments

Swipe left on the article screens to open a craft menu or tap craft below each comment.


Take Notes

Write a searchable note about the article or comment. The first few words will be visible as a tag.

Add Tags

Tag a article or comment with one or more tags to find it later.

Pin to Top Screen

Pinning the article or comment places it at the top of your article list.

Snooze for Later

Pick a time and get a notification to jump back in where you left off.

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Easily Dismiss Articles with

Hide the articles you have read or don't want to read so when you return they are not cluttering your feed!

  • Right swipe an article to hide it from your feed
  • Check all to dismiss an entire group!
  • Check when you have finished an article
  • Toggle to unhide dismissed articles
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Your Craft Log Makes the Important Easy to Find

The time you spend reading an article and its comments is logged to help you find what you read later.

  • See outstanding snoozed items
  • Browse and search all read articles
  • Filter on time spent as well as tags
  • Itemized time on article vs comments
  • Drill down on every action taken

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